Portrait Art
  • Portrait Art

  • What I Love To Create
  • Regardless of how we decorate it, our home is an outward extension of our hearts and what is important to us. It’s more than a place. It’s a feeling. That is why I love to capture the moments, expressions and connections with your family and turn them into personal works of art that will add joy & warmth to your home. There are many options available to you with how you choose to enjoy the images we capture at your session, but creating these and coffee table books are definitely my favorite!
Family Portraiture
  • Family Portraiture

  • Why It's So Important
  • I believe that capturing your child's life and childhood years are one of the greatest gifts parents could give their children. Because it's all too true about what they say - days go by slow but years fly by fast. Allow me to capture the magic of your 'today' and turn those moments into precious family keepsakes. So that as the years fly by, your family will revel in the memories that were captured and the oh so magical time that was.
Book a Session with Pixie Life
  • Book a Session with Pixie Life

  • The Session Experience
  • With your booked session you will receive a pre-session meeting to plan out your session and go over your welcome packet, the portrait session at your home or favorite location and Premiere Night - the special night I have created for my families to enjoy in the comfort of their home where we will watch get to watch your portrait session slideshow, nibble on your selection of dessert and make our desired selections of the prints and products we would like to turn into lasting memories for your home. It's the amazing experience I've decided to create for every single one of my clients so that portrait sessions are something a family can look forward to with excitement not overwhelm and most importantly enjoy something beautiful at the end of our time together. If this sounds like your cup of tea, I would love for you to contact me so we can schedule your next family session with Pixie Life!