Pixie Life TravelsWhat I've been up to lately...

It’s been quite an adventurous last couple months over here.

I knew my husband would be finishing up his 2nd quarter of med school and that his family planned a 4 day Bahamas cruise, but I had no idea I there would be a couple more unexpected trips in between.

My flight schedule was literally PHX > SEA > MIA > SEA > LAX > PHX > LAS > PHX > STL > PHX. Exciting stuff haha.

All the other trips were super fun photography conferences that I was invited to and those allowed me to select some fun new portrait products I want to start offering my Pixie clients 🙂

But I’m back, photography season is in full swing and other than some weekend trips to Seattle to photograph my long time clients and a family wedding in Sacramento, I should be staying put for at least a good month… 🙂